Shutdown System
Working together with Westinghouse Systems, a Schneider Electric's company, as an appointed local partner to develop a new SCADA Distributed Management System (DMS) to replace an old Meidensha SCADA system.

The SCADA (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition) system is the system which transducers of the substations can be monitored and controlled from a main control center. So the operators can manage electrical distribution easier.

In this project, we did :

* Meidensha database capture
* Meidensha protocol identification
* 20 kV and substations networks data collection and analysis
* Data take-on
* Diagram dressing and associate database linking
* Local training
* Control center installation
* Pole top RTUs installation
* Substations installation
* Commissioning and testing
* Cut-over from old to the new system
* System Maintenance

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