This project is provision of the remote monitoring facility for remote plant location from control center. The provision covers data communication (radio-modem) line between both locations, MMI PC with appropriate software, and required interface hardware to connect to existing AB PLC-5 of each locations.

Rockwell software, named RSView and RSPower Tools, are the basis of the Man Machine Interface (MMI) application. These 32 bits Windows95/NT based application have all needed function and facilities. The MMI is graphic based system, usually called Graphical User Interface (GUI). Advance computer system with high graphic capability will serve the operators and engineers an integrated, easy to understand, and ease feeling of system operation and planning.

The scope of work is include site visit, system design & specification, procurement of required equipment hardware & software, customization & integration, testing, install and commissioning.
A line of documentation and training series will also offered as a standard for a new system provision.


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